Your software development is running optimally, isn't it?

Tired of annoying old source code?

You have poorly maintainable source code. Every change takes way too long and annoys you immensely. Your team is demotivated because they have to work on the old code instead of developing something cool & modern. Your users complain because new features take too long and the software doesn't adapt fast enough to their new requirements.

Tired of long waits for the go-live?

Your app takes off, you have more users and need to scale. On the old server, the response times are now much too high. It feels like it takes 2 minutes to build the page. Unfortunately, your operations team needs 2 months to deliver the new server. But your product owner expects you to give the users better response times now.

Tired of huge slow monoliths?

In the new sprint you have to develop many new features again. Unfortunately, your code base is huge and can't really be maintained anymore. You have problems with the performance of the app. It simply does not scale. You would like to have a MicroService architecture, but you don't know how to reconcile the migration with your daily business.