Why use real-time product recommendations with deep learning?

Product recommendations are already being used in many areas. Mostly it is the global Internet companies that are far ahead of them. But you too can implement product recommendations with reasonable effort.

  • Google offers search suggestions from previous searches by other users in the search:
  • Amazon to the current book other interesting books as a bundle

What are the challenges of product recommendations?

As with almost all Deep Learning applications, the key question is: "Where do I have the data?" , For product recommendations, sales data is usually in the ERP system. There you will find all other orders with other items for an order. The question is, "Which items sold in other orders should be recommended?". Often these data should be combined with evaluations from the shop data. So you have to integrate the data first (see Data Integration ) and then process the data for Deep Learning to offer the best recommendations.

What else can you do to improve marketing?

There are more treasures hidden in the data. In a hardware shop, for example, cheap graphics cards could be sold to young gamers on Friday evening. This and similar phenomena can be detected by deep learning software. The shop then automatically shuts off product recommendations for higher quality, more expensive alternatives in the right times, increasing sales.